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Who we are:

The Austria Pakistan Society was founded in 1976 with a view to cultivating the cultural and scientific contacts of Austria with Pakistan and to further the knowledge of the wider public about the politics, economy and social system of Pakistan. Several members of the Austria Pakistan Society, it may be pointed out, are successfully engaged in cooperation projects in the educational and humanitarian sector and in the promotion of sport activities in Pakistan.

What  we want to do:

Pakistan is a country which is less known in Austria than it deserves. And yet, Pakistan has been an important economic partner for many years and the destination of many top mountaineers from this country. Pakistan takes pride in having on its territory more 8000 meter summits than any other country in the world! Foreign tourists who have visited the country return - almost without exception - deeply impressed by the landscape and the people of Pakistan. It is, therefore, essential that we give Pakistan its due place in the hearts and minds of the Austrian people.

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Talk by Fawzia Naqvi

Talk by Fawzia Naqvi A talk by Fawzia Naqvi, CEO and Editor-in Chief of ArtNow, Pakistan’s only online art magazine. Fawzia Naqvi will be talking about her work and about the future of art in Pakistan. She also presented the biennale projects under way in both Lahore and Karachi.      


Dear Members and Friends of the Austria Pakistan Society

September 1st, 2014  Dear Members and Friends of the Austria Pakistan Society, I have to start this letter with an announcement: It is with great sadness that we heard of the unexpected death of Dr. Friedrich Posch. He has passed away in late August while travelling in Germany. Over many years Dr. Posch has been…